The Bar Pages is a technology based consulting company that transcends innovative and creative technology into an unprecedented dimension. The Bar Pages transforms traditional media into life directly in the palm of your hands. Our various products and services include an online 3DMobile Barcode technology, media production, display ads, and much more. Working with our marketing staff and utilizing our products is ideal for businesses searching to discover new and innovative marketing solutions for their marketplace. Working with us at The Bar Pages gives you the opportunity, through cutting-edge technology, to directly inform, persuade and engage your target audience. At The Bar Pages we guarantee quality products, instrumental applications and the highest caliber service to our clients.

The Bar Pages are committed to giving you all the tools necessary to bring your business to the next level of success. With everything that we have to offer, we believe that you will have a product that you can stand by, and be proud of. We hope that you share the same vision and passion as we do. Together the possibilities are endless.

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1322 Bell Ave suite 1M
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BP Products & Services:

Our Digital Business Cards is essential to any business especially in today's mobile digital marketplace. Our Digital TAG Program has everything your business needs to build your digital foundation. It is very dynamic and can scale with you as you grow and can really help expand your brand in areas Traditional Marketing can't reach. Ask our Digital experts for more details about our One of a Kind program!

Digital TAG Generator:
We offer the latest in Cutting-Edge 2DBarcode Technology. The Bar Pages platform offers our very own 3D Tag Generator which enables you to create the only 3Dimensional 2D Barcode in the market place! Seperate yourself from your competition by branding your business with a Digital TAG that people can recognize and remember!

Mobile-Web App Builder:
With our seamless mobile-web app builder, you can create an engaging but more importantly a user friendly experience that everyone can enjoy! Some features of our Mobile-Web App include:

Embedded video links to tell your story (YouTube, Vimeo)
Call to Action buttons (create links to your sign ups, shop links, registrations, and more...
Lead Capture Buttons
Referral Tracking Buttons
Photo Gallery
Directions (GPS)
Social Media links
and more...

Full Service Digital Consulting:
Our team of experts can help you build and create a solid digital foundation that you can use to maximize and leverage every aspect of your brand through our DTP (Digital TAG Program). We specialize in creating Integrated Solutions for your business that gives your customers and clients instant access to your brand 24hours a day 7 days a week. We are very passionate about what we do and we believe that with our expertise we can give your business the tools and know-how that can take you to the next level of success.

Avatar Creation:
Our Creative Team can give your business the Digital Makeover it needs to be able to leave a lasting impression in the Digital Marketplace Today. With today's online communities demanding more of a digital presence, we can definitely prepare you for what's coming in your marketplace.

Video Production:
We offer affordable Video Services with our Green Screen Studio and other media tools and software that can help elevate your business to the next level of success.

Marketing Cards:
Our Interactive Marketing Cards are unique in a way where the only information on the card is your Digital Tag, Branded URL and TEXT Campaign. Our marketing card's only function is to lead your customers to your Digital Business Card App.

VIP Chat (Virtual Interactive Person):
This upgrade enables you to become fully interactive. Now you will know when someone is visiting your Digital Business Card App. You can also get an alert via text when someone wants to tag you from this feature. You can also chat with your visitor via our VIP chat feature.

TEXT Campaigns:
This added campaign will enable you to reach a BIG audience at one time. This feature is great for people who are always doing presentations or for people who speak to big groups because at any time they can text your keyword (e.g. Digital) to your short code (e.g. 77948) and anyone who did this would get your Digital Business Card App. Pretty powerful tool for something so SIMPLE to use!!

Virtual Pay:
Our Virtual Payment feature is a Safe and Secure way to accept Credit Card Payments and ACH payments. Your customers, clients, and friends can now key in there payment info through this portal to make Payments, Donations, and more...

**All applicants will go through an approval process**

We also have other products and services that are not listed. Please Contact Us for more info!!