The Bar Pages is a technology based consulting company that transcends innovative and creative technology into an unprecedented dimension. The Bar Pages transforms traditional media into life directly in the palm of your hands. Our various products and services include an online 3DMobile Barcode technology, media production, display ads, and much more. Working with our marketing staff and utilizing our products is ideal for businesses searching to discover new and innovative marketing solutions for their marketplace. Working with us at The Bar Pages gives you the opportunity, through cutting-edge technology, to directly inform, persuade and engage your target audience. At The Bar Pages
we guarantee quality products, instrumental applications and the highest caliber service to our clients.

The Bar Pages are committed to giving you all the tools necessary to
bring your business to the next level of success. With everything that
we have to offer, we believe that you will have a product that you can
stand by, and be proud of. We hope that you share the same vision and
passion as we do. Together the possibilities are endless.

Contact Info:
Phone: 949-340-3511
Email: Info@TheBarPages.com
Website: www.TheBarPages.com

Office Address:
1322 Bell Ave suite 1M
Tustin, Ca 92780


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Jay Ungos

Jay's Profile:

I am very passionate about TECHNOLOGY! I have always believed
that having a solid Digital Foundation can maximize every opportunity in
any given marketplace. Whether you are an individual, product, or
business looking for innovative solutions that can help sustain and
expand your brand, we have the solution. Our very own Digital Business Card Program is second to none! We have taken the very best of the cutting edge technologies of today and packaged it in a program that is so powerful that it can really help you leverage every facet of your business. These are the building blocks of our very near Digital Future and this is
just the Beginning....Join the Digital Revolution and Contact Us Today!!!

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Sheila Andres
Sales and Marketing

Sheila's Profile:
With over 20 yrs experience in
the merchant solutions industry, Sheila Andres has worked with a nationally renowned solution provider company as part of their board of executive team and business unit manager.  She has been involved in the business development of in-house remittance processing systems,
outsourced services (lockbox, disaster protection and remote verification), and E-payment solutions with strategic focus in
innovative payment solutions.

Her core competencies and strengths lie in business development, marketing
and sales management, customer service, business process analysis,
strategic planning, policy and procedure definition and enforcement,
management of strategic business relationships/partnerships, high-level
account executive, operations management, project management, process improvement and quality assurance.  Her experience and expertise
includes working with various size businesses, small or large, and
expands to the following markets: retail, wholesale, city/municipalities, county and government sector, utility, insurance,
non-profit, and more…

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Jeff Tsai
Lead Project MGR

Jeff's Profile:
With a background in Technology and Education, Jeff assists in the
developing of all our Big projects and accounts. His experience in
technology and really understanding the needs of our clients helps us in
our mission to provide the Best possible solutions to our clients when
it comes to building your Digital Foundation.

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Nelly Harris
Funding Advisor

Nelly's Profile:
She has over 40 years’ experience in setting up of accounting and
financing systems for clients from the United States, Middle and Far
East as well as Central and South America.  She recently completed 14
years of accounting service and billing analysis for the West Coast
offices of a renowned National Law Firm that provides services globally
to Fortune 500 companies. Educated in New York and Hawaii, Nelly has 2
years real estate accreditation from Hawaii, studied Commercial Real
Estate development and was licensed in New Jersey and Arizona, and is
licensed in CA.  She is the CEO of a Communication Company and patent
owner. Vice President and equity partner in Business Brokers International Inc. and Realty International Inc.
She speaks numerous languages. Nelly has an extensive background in
forensic accounting, US and foreign manufacturing systems, booking
production time, negotiating letters of credit and factoring agreements.
As an entrepreneur she developed successful start-ups companies for
clients that grew into multi-million dollar enterprises. She is
currently in the process of launching 2 Cyber technology and security
companies in California.

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Mark Kageyama
Business Development 

Mark's Profile:
Born in Santa Monica, and raised in Southern California.  A native
Californian…can you believe it???   Attended University High School in
West Los Angeles, and graduated in 1976.  From there went to Loyola
Marymount University in Westchester, CA, and graduated with a Bachelor
of Science degree in Biology.  At the age of 21, became the National
Sales Director for an automotive chemical company, and traveled to many
of the states in the nation.  After about 5 years, went to work with the
family business, a plant nursery business in WLA for the next 25
years.  After deciding to leave, went in partners in another plant
nursery business in Gardena, CA, and built the business from the ground
up to a thriving business.  After two years, sold the business, and
completely changed direction by going into the oil business where we
stand today!!!

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Ron Zeilenger
Art Director

Ron's Profile:
I'm a Southern California native with my BFA in Commercial Illustration, and my MBA in Business Management. Being a small business owner and the Art Director for The Bar Pages, I can tell you the Digital Age is here! Now
more than ever, it is crucial to promote yourself, your business and your
message to the world, through the internet. We help put YOU into the palms of people hands through their smart phones and more. With digital visuals and mobile video, you can spread your message in ways not
previously possible. Join
the Digital Revolution…..Be on the Cutting Edge!

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Steve Shen
International Business Development-China

Steve's Profile:
Having obtained my MBA with majors in Marketing and International Business in 1985 from
Seton Hall University,
I have always been a sales guy. I managed on a regional level several
Asian offices and 2 South American offices of a big corporation in
metals business from mid west America in 1990's. I have also been
managing my own business from California in sourcing globally raw
material for the steel industry all over the world. I have been a
Director and Secretary General American-Chinese CEO Society
for the last 10 years. I believe I am very good working with people and
have the leadership capability to manage and help manage the
organization to a higher level.

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Ken Tachibana
International Business Development-Japan

Ken's Profile:
Ken is a business architect of disruptive/transformational
businesses. These businesses typically require specialized and unique
financing, and I architect that too. I do the implementation of my
business architecture as well.
I have developed this expertise based on the following sets of experiences:

  • I am multicultural-I
    was born and raised in Japan until I was 19 years old and I have been
    living in the US for the past few decades. This has allowed me to see
    the various points of view of the same problem and to help develop an
    accomadating/consolidating solution of these diversified views.
  • Silicon Valley/Technology Boom-I
    had a few decades of experience with technology during the Boom in
    Business and Technology through major corporations and startups.
  • Stanford and UC Berkeley Schooling-I attended and also taught in the Executive Management and MBA Programs. 
  • Entertainment Background-I
    recently picked up in-depth experiences in the entertainment industry as an executive producer ( a fundraiser through non-traditional channels including global crowdfunding and new generation banks/financial
    institutions doing equity finance) of major motion pictures, and in
    cyber security (unimpeachable security) consulting.

As an expert in disruptive business, I am always on the lookout for the next major disruptions.

You and I know one of these has to be....

Yes, the next REV of the Digital Revolution, some call this as the On-Demand Economy(see this video in my Digital Card). The company that created this Digital Card for me is The Bar Pages and is uniquely positioned to be a key player in this disruption.


BP Products & Services:

Our Digital Business Cards is essential to any business especially in today's mobile digital marketplace. Our Digital TAG Program
has everything your business needs to build your digital foundation. It
is very dynamic and can scale with you as you grow and can really help expand your
brand in areas Traditional Marketing can't reach. Ask our Digital experts for more details about our One of a Kind

Digital TAG Generator:

offer the latest in Cutting-Edge 2DBarcode Technology. The Bar Pages platform offers our very own 3D Tag Generator which enables you to create the only 3Dimensional 2D Barcode in the market place! Seperate yourself from your competition by branding your business with a Digital TAG that people can recognize and remember!!

Mobile-Web App Builder:
With our seamless mobile-web app builder, you can create an engaging but more importantly a user friendly experience that everyone can enjoy!
Some features of our Mobile-Web App include:
  • embedded video links to tell your story(Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Call to Action buttons (create links to your sign ups, shop links, registrations, and more...
  • Lead Capture Buttons
  • Referral Tracking Buttons
  • Photo Gallery
  • Directions (GPS)
  • Social Media links
  • and more...

Full Service Digital Consulting:

Our team of experts can help you build and create a solid digital
foundation that you can use to maximize and leverage every aspect of
your brand through our DTP(Digital TAG Program). We specialize in creating Integrated Solutions for your business that gives your customers and clients instant access to your brand 24hours a day 7 days a week. We are very passionate about what we do and we believe that with our expertise we can give your business the tools and know-how that can take you to the next level of success. What are you waiting for CONTACT US Today!!

Avatar Creation:
Creative Team can give your business the Digital Makeover it needs to
be able to leave a lasting impression in the Digital Marketplace Today.
With today's online communities demanding more of a digital presence, we
can definitely prepare you for what's coming in your marketplace.

Video Production:
We offer affordable Video Services with our Green Screen Studio and other media tools and software that can help elevate your business to the next level of success.

Marketing Cards:
Our Interactive Marketing Cards are unique in a way where the only information on the card is your Digital Tag, Branded URL and TEXT Campaign. Our marketing card's only function is to lead your customers to your Digital Business Card App.

VIP Chat (Virtual Interactive Person):
This upgrade enables you to become fully interactive. Now you will know when someone is visiting your Digital Business Card App. You can also get an alert via text when someone wants to tag you from this feature. You can also chat with your visitor via our VIP chat feature.

TEXT Campaigns:
This added campaign will enable you to reach a BIG audience at one time. This feature is great for people who are always doing presentations or for people who speak to big groups because at any time they can text your keyword (e.g. Digital) to your short code (e.g. 77948) and anyone who did this would get your Digital Business Card App. Pretty powerful tool for something so SIMPLE to use!!

Virtual Pay:
Our Virtual Payment feature is a Safe and Secure way to accept Credit Card Payments and ACH payments. Your customers, clients, and friends can now key in there payment info through this portal to make Payments, Donations, and more...
**All applicants will go through an approval process**

We also have other products and services that are not listed. Please Contact Us for more info!!